Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lab 5 and assessment up to now

This week, we assessed the children using dribbling and kicking skills. I observed Collin, a Kindergartener. He did quite well on all of the skill areas, which was surprising for someone so young. This week, I noticed that many of the younger students were having a hard time keeping focused and really maintaining attention throughout the activities. When I thought about why, I began to reflect upon how hard this is for some of the kids at St. Marys (especially the little guys). They have been in school all day, cooped up in their classrooms and being asked to remain fairly inactive. When the end of the day comes, I am sure they are ready to let loose and run around. Although we give them that opportunity, we are asking them to remain quiet and to listen to directions before they begin the lesson. I think in some ways, our task may be made more difficult due to the time of day. I remember when I was young, I couldn't wait until 3:00 to get outside and play with my friends. This is the time we are trying to teach these kids rules of a game, or to model activities for them, and they are ready to go! I guess I feel pretty pleased with the amount of instruction we have been able to provide and feel it can only get a bit easier when we work with the kids during the normal school hours.

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