Monday, November 10, 2008

St Marys Lab 3

For this lab, I observed two preschoolers in the gym. I watched Sage and Maddy, both age 4 years. I notice the preschoolers usually have a difficult time with some of the locomotor skills, but these two did very well. Both were able to leap from one foot to another when reminded. They did great on the horizontal jump and were able to land on two feet simultaneously. As far as the slide, Maddy had a little problem when going to the left side. We played a game today that consisted of an obstacle course in a Dora the Explorer jungle theme. The kids really responded to the activities and did a great job. I think one of the main reasons things went well today, was because we got right down to their eye level and made sure we had their complete attention before explaining the directions. The activity was very motivating and because it was a little different, they were very interested. We had some props to make the kids feel like they were in the jungle. Once we came inside, we played this game with the large group of students. Because of the way the game was made up, all the students had fun and enjoyed playing. I wasn't sure if the older kids would feel the theme was too kiddish, but they really loved it.

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