Monday, November 10, 2008

Lab #2 at St. Marys

During today's lab I observed students ranging in age from K-3, Focusing on three locomotor skills in particular- running, hopping and galloping. While in the gym, I observed two students engaged in these skills. Julian grade 3 age 8 and Isabella grade 1 age 6. Julian performed all skills exceptionally well. It is obvious to me he is a future athlete. He loves to participate and catches on very quickly. Isabella is less capable and had a more difficult time performing the skills in the context of the game. I felt the kids seemed much more comfortable using only their dominant foot, but when I reminded them to try both feet they seemed able for the most part. This seems to be true of most observations. As soon as the kids are reminded about what is expected of them, they do better. This shows me how much reinforcement kids need to stay on task. Sometimes I feel as if I am constantly redirecting them, but I guess this is what they need. I am amazed at the different developmental levels as I glanced around the gym. The levels vary depending on age for the most part. The kids played Capture the Running Flag today. They seemed to enjoy the game alot and listened well to the directions. I remembered to keep the directions simple, and this kept them more focused.

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