Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First visit to St Marys

This was my first real opportunity to work with kids in an organized setting. Since this was are first time going to St Marys as a group we didn't have any activities planned, so we basically just introduced ourselves and got to know the kids a little bit. My first experience was when we went outside to play a game of kickball. Before we got started one of the younger girls ran over to me, grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the fence surrounding the park to meet her little sister. She was so excited to introduce someone new to her sister, I can tell she will be a very outgoing participant in the group. When we started to play kickball i noticed there was a wide age range of students playing together. It was obvious the older students were more advanced skill wise but the younger students didn't seem to be intimidated. They all seem to work well together, overall my first experience at St Marys was very positive.

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