Sunday, December 7, 2008

Infant perception skits

When I first heard about this assignment, I was sure it was something I never could have pulled off. I know teaching requires us to move outside our comfort zone and I am working on developing the confidence to do just that. But to sing/dance in front of my peers in a college classroom setting is far beyond what I thought I could do. Amazingly, as our group talked and practiced, things started coming together. I guess I've learned that you can dig deeper than you ever anticipated. Learning often comes from doing. It helped to know we were all in the same boat, although I know performing comes easier to some than others. In the end, I think this activity taught me to remember that often the kids I will teach will feel uncomfortable with what I'm asking of them. If I can help them realize that they are in a safe, secure environment where everyone respects each other, they will learn as I did that sometimes we learn the most from the things we want to do the least.

Our You Tube Skit- ABC-

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